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Frequently Asked Questions?

Questions & Answers

You have questions? We got answers!

In this page. you con find the most commonly asked questions regarding our program. If you still have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us in the Contact Us page and submit your questions, thank you!


Q: If student’s English skills is not proficient, how can Dongchen Education carry out the service and assist them?

A. The unique advantage of Dongchen Education is that both Chinese and American teams serve at the same time, so students don’t have to worry about their English proficiency. Whether it is o live translation via telephone communication or a Chinese-English translation in text communication, Dongchen International Education con assist students with translation. We also encourage students to express themselves and practice their English skills when communicating with American counselors. This is the first step to success in studying abroad. The counselors at Dongchen International Education will also guide students how to better improve their English level.


Q: As long as students can cooperate with Dongchen, will they be able to apply to the top 20 or the top 30 schools?

A From every step of the application, we have great resources of teachers and counselor to better serve our students; whether it’s school’s class grade, extracurricular activities. or paperwork. 80% of our students come to us to guide them through planning. Together with Dongchen International Educational. we assist students in strengthening weaknesses, acknowledge advantages. and students hove achieved excellent results. Statistically speaking, nearly 90% of our students are admitted to the lop 35 schools.

Why Dongchen?

Q: What are the differences between Dongchen International Education compared to other study abroad institutions?

A: Dongchen International Education is not an intermediary company. but a high-end consulting institution for studying abroad. Overseas intermediaries in mainland China often work with low-ranking universities abroad which also return tuition fees to their students. We firmly oppose and never adopt such a business model.

Dongchen Education provides students with educational advisory services in the worldwide general service model, that is, the private entrance advisory model, our former admission officer as a student’s private entrance advisor, responsible for the entire application process of students, and the results of the application.

The students we serve not only come from Chino. but also from North America. Europe and the Middle East. We are based on the applications of famous American schools. providing the strongest personal background promotion programs (internships, research opportunities) in China, and also providing the world’s most elite resources of former admissions officers to help
Chinese students apply.


Q: What’s the payment charge of Dongchen educational institution?

A. Our services are tailored to each student’s needs, the usual fees for different students vary. You con visit our Services page for a general overview. The main factors to consider when confirming the cost include the difficulty of application the number of application projects. the service cycle and the cost of recommended internship and scientific research. Dongchen’s service is unique in the market. the cost of the service is competitive and will not exceed the usual budget for studying abroad.

When to start?

Q: When is a good time to sign contracts? How long is the service cycle?

A: We have different application and planning process for students of different stages and backgrounds. We hove students who have been planning for undergraduate admissions to American universities since junior high school. and students who have been planning for Graduate and Doctoral admissions since freshman year. According lo the different needs and stages of students. our advisors will continue to follow up, design study plan. and provide reasonable suggestions for preparation.

We will arrange different internships. scientific research. NGO activities according to the different backgrounds of students, and comprehensively enhance each student’s personal background. The commitment of Dongchen is unlimited support. From the dote of signing a contract with Dongchen. any problems will be solved by Dongchen’s Chinese and American Advisors and guide the students through application for the ideal schools.