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Our Advantage

Recognizing PROBLEM:

Challenges of adapting to the American educational system

Culture and education disparities between China and America, together with Chinese students’ language deficiencies contribute to their difficulty in having effective communications with American faculty members. Besides listening and speaking problems, academia papers also pose a problem.


An English immersion program to make Chinese students’ lives more colorful and fulfilling during their life on American campus.


Jericho Wang (Yichuan Wang)

Founder, CEO

Jericho has faced and conquered many challenges of adapting to the American educational system as a Chinese international student. With first hand experience, he strongly believes that if one keeps internal motivations, surmounts language chasms, and converts traditional Chinese cultural ideas to American thoughts, he or she would have a rich and colorful life in American universities.

With an in-depth understanding of college programs, Dongchen Education was developed with a unique transfer edge program for the students to obtain units, adapt to the quarter system, network with college faculty and meet peers who are native English speakers before the fall quarter begins to help students succeed in the coming school year.

Michelle Mai

Student Consultant

Michelle Mai currently attends the University of California, Irvine and will graduate in June of 2019. In addition to her studies, she manages the office at DongChen International Education Group. There she handles daily operations and acts as a direct resource for foreign students. She understands what the students are going through and helps guide them with everything from choosing classes to transferring to college.

Her dedication to achievement shows in everything she does and she is an assert DongChen International Education Group.

Jessie Sun


Rong Sun attended California State University, Fullerton, concentrates in International Business. She has been in the U.S. for six years; has fully experience about study abroad. She covers the office work and company’s social media.

Victoria Federico


For 25 years, Victoria Federico strives to bring out the best in her students and clients by focusing on their strengths and empowering them to achieve their goals. With degrees in Developmental Psychology and Anthropology and life coach certifications, Victoria knows how to work with her clients on multiple levels to help them become more confident in their ability to succeed with the new tools they have learned. Using organization, development and implementation, she guides her clients to understand their abilities and set achievable goals that boost self-esteem, independence and often times exceeds their own expectations. Her experience with students and adults has taught her that perseverance, a solid work ethic and a dose of humor can make almost anything attainable.

While working on her undergraduate degrees in Forensic Anthropology and Developmental Psychology at the University of California, Victoria started working for Kaplan Educational Centers, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. She began as a part time front office assistant helping to enroll students and handing out study materials.